Though the world of online poker sites, live cardrooms, casinos, sports betting, and other gambling is full of routine, everyday happenings, there are times when we encounter a piece of news that leaves us scratching our heads and muttering, “WTF?” For your amusement, we have presented below some of the weirdest and most bizarre gambling news stories from the first two weeks of March 2023 in this installment of Freaky Fortnight.

This installment of Freaky Fortnight contains unusual gambling news from March 1 – 15, 2023

Darren Rovell Details His Stupid Losses from Gambling

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If you’re a sports betting reporter, then it’s likely that you have insight into the gambling world. After all, it’s something you report on – so, in theory, you should know what you’re talking about. Yet, that may not be the case for Darren Rovell from The Action Network.

As it turns out, he loses just like anyone else does. Only his losses are a bit more significant than the average gambler’s. On Saturday, March 12, Rovell posted a tweet to his official account announcing he has lost more than $17,000 from college basketball bets. His overall record stands at 139-203-2. That means he has only won 41% of his wagers.

Darren Rovell tweeted about his significant sports betting losses

Rovell tweeted out his thanks to The Action Network app, which he said keeps him accountable. Through that, he managed to stop gambling on NBA games. His college basketball betting activity is what he is aims to curb next.

Of course, he’s more likely to be able to afford such gambling losses than the average punter. It was only in 2022 that he signed a new contract with the network. His salary is worth more than $2 million over two years, sources suggest.

Whether he is able to abandon his intent to fritter away money on seemingly uninformed sports bets remains to be seen. Perhaps Rovell will keep his Twitter followers up-to-date on his progress with further tweets.

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Parents Criticized for Giving Daughter a Gambling-Themed Name!

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It’s not uncommon for parents of a newborn child to struggle with naming them. Often they will ponder over this for hours, coming up with names that one parent likes and the other doesn’t and so on. Others have a name in mind while midway through pregnancy.

Of course, the names aren’t always appreciated by others. That’s usually true in the celebrity world – you only need to look at Applethe daughter of actress Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay singer Chris Martin for an example.

Most average, everyday parents settle for more ordinary names. That’s not true of a couple who welcomed their daughter to the world on March 5. The proud father of the little girl posted a snap of her to his Instagram page, also announcing her name – Roulette Serenity.

It didn’t take long for the online world to launch an attack on the parents with the post shared to a Facebook group for extra torment. The face of the child was covered by an emoji, but the person who posted it to Facebook labelled it as looking “less than amused” beneath it. Other members of the group were in disbelief over the parents’ decision to name the baby after a gambling game.

One commented that it would be disallowed when going to register the name, with another seconding the opinion. Another commenter posted their own amusing take on things, stating:

When you let it roll on the wheel of bad names, so you just say “f**k it” and name your kid after the whole process instead.

There were even people who came up with potential sibling names for Roulette. Names thought up included Slotte Macheigne, BlackJack and Baccarat. One noted how the kid would likely “have a rough life ahead”, voicing their concern. Others were also quick to jump on the bandwagon and criticize the parents for their name choice.

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Would you call your son or daughter a name based on a gambling game?

Tom Brady Negates Rich Eisen’s Claims He Is Returning to NFL

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The last time we spoke about Tom Brady was to highlight his participation in the Americas Cardroom poker game hosted by Ben Affleck. That event was put together in April 2020 to raise donations for a food bank amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

The seven-time Super Bowl winner has once again made it back to the forefront of some news though. The 45-year-old quarterback made an announcement earlier on in 2023, confirming his intention to retire from the NFL. While he made this decision on Feb. 1, 2022, it didn’t take him long to reverse his decision. Thus, he made his return for his 23rd season a mere 40 days later. Few people placed bets on that, but could they have another opportunity to do so where Brady is concerned this year?

Tom Brady said he has retired for good, but some don't believe himStar Quarterback Tom Brady Announced His Retirement (for the Second Time) on Feb. 1, 2023

The NFL Network anchor, Rich Eisen, is the one stirring up the pot this time. He began making hints that Brady might not be out of the scene just yethinting at a return to play for the Miami Dolphins. He provided several details of why that story might check out, including the fact that Brady lives in Florida where the Dolphins are located.

Yet Brady wasn’t long in quashing those rumors. The former player took to his Twitter account and informed everyone who may have been hoping for a return that this isn’t on his plate this time around. He noted that he had just adopted a two-month-old kitten for his daughter, which was keeping him busy enough.

Of course, it’s not beyond the bounds of possibility for Brady to be a part of the NFL once again. After all, if he can come back from retirement after 40 days to play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, citing “unfinished business” as his reason, anything is possible. Doubtless, various NFL teams would be quick to snap the player up and add him to their team.

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Would it be worth risking a gamble on Brady making another triumphant return to NFL action?

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones Have Their Own “Spicy” Gamble

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It’s the Hollywood marriage that many people said wouldn’t last. Michael Douglas, 78, married Catherine Zeta-Jones, 53, back in 2000. Most people suggested their age difference would be enough to end things. Yet they have constantly proved the naysayers wrong, staying married for over two decades. Not only do the couple seem to have a close connection in general, but they also share an interest in golf.

There may be a lot more going on with their golfing games, though. Recently, Douglas appeared on the Stephen Colbert “The Late Show” and spoke of their rounds on the course. He mentioned that they have a unique betwhich is always in play whenever they’re teeing off. Douglas commented:

”The Rules are – I have to whip it out if I don’t hit it past the ladies’ tees, which I manage most of the time. But there have been times when we’re playing alone, and have to give her a little show because we are competitive. But only when I play with my wife”.

Lucky Catherine, perhaps? Who knows? Yet Douglas admitted that he had only ever lost the bet on a single occasion a long time ago. While the wager may seem like an odd one to some people, it exemplifies the love and enjoyment they experience while around one another. Catherine backed up the story by Douglas regarding their bet too, but she highlighted that there has been a problem with paparazzi before. As a result, if he does have to drop his pants, she makes him go into the bushes to do so!

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