We have to admit it – we’re always going to be entertained by odd and freaky things happening to other people. Especially when it’s happening to those who are active within the gambling scene. As it happens, that’s why we created our Freaky Fortnight series – so that you can laugh along with us.

We’re back with some more amusing anecdotes and tales from the gambling world. Check out these stories from the first half of June 2023 to start your day off in the right way!

This installment of Freaky Fortnight contains unusual gambling news from the first half of June 2023

Son Writes Hilarious Obituary for Poker-Loving Father

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When most people think about an obituary, it tends to be a sad time. Yet that wasn’t the case for Rocky Loveless of Eubank in the state of Kentucky. His father, James Loveless, passed away on Wednesday, June 14. According to Rocky, he loved to play poker, as well as indulge in fried food, steak, beer, cars, and swimming. And let’s not forget about the fact that he loved women too!

After his passing, it was left to Rocky to write his father’s obituary – which has now gone viral! He noted that his father “would’ve liked for people to talk about the fun stuff.” As a result, Rocky spoke of some of the “interesting aspects” relating to his dad’s life.

The field next to his Rocky’s sister’s home in Eubank was where he spoke of his father, which is the same location for the funeral. That, however, was something Rocky was quick to negate, claiming that there wouldn’t be a funeral, instead noting “…we’re having a BBQ.”

James Loveless kicked the bucket at the age of 60James Loveless “Will Be Moderately Missed” According to His Obit

According to the people at the Pulaski Funeral Home, Rocky’s obituary for his father generated more page views for them than any previous one. It has even spread to social media platforms.

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Within the obituary, which is five paragraphs long, Rocky labeled himself as James’s “second-favorite son.” Those who have read it called it amusing from the start to finish. Let’s all raise a glass to the poker-loving, beer-drinking, fried-foot-eating, car-fan that was James Loveless – and of course, to his son, Rocky!

Gambling Fan Drake Caught in Embarrassing Moment!

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We all know that Canadian rapper Drake is a fan of gambling. He has even entered into partnerships with offshore gambling siteshelping their popularity with players. As it happens, he is worth about $250 million, with a portion of that coming from his gambling efforts. A number of vast bets, including one on Jon Jones at UFC 285 which brought him a $1.7 million win, have led to him becoming quite the spectacle in the industry.

While he may be enjoying a nice winning streak of late, Drake isn’t capable of avoiding certain embarrassing situations. Recently, a video captured the rapper watching a live stream on Kick, featuring a woman laying down laughing whilst receiving a foot massage and posing erotically. Drake seemed to feel it necessary to log in to his banking app and leave her a $499 tip! Yet it wasn’t plain sailing, because his credit card transaction was swiftly declined. The rapper took it all in good stride though, commenting “Embarrassing!” upon the failed transaction.

Rap superstar Drake saw his credit card declined when he tried to leave a tip onlineDrake’s Attempt to Make a Credit Card Transaction Failed

The video was soon picked up by his fans on Twitter, with many commenting on the situation. Most of them found it to be a hilarious moment although some speculated on why such a transaction wouldn’t go through.

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After all, Drake is worth a lot of money. Of course, he’s also spending a lot on legal fees at the moment, thanks to a selection of ongoing lawsuits. That includes a $10 million lawsuit from a Ghanaian rapper known as Obrafour who claims Drake sampled his lyrics on one of his tracks without permission.

Ever Heard the One About the Lawyer Who Gambles?


So often, we hear about lawyers getting involved in cases of illegal gambling and other negative stories of a similar ilk. It’s not often the case that lawyers and gambling mix in a good way. There is one instance of this happening that may change your mind though.

Spencer Smith was a full-time attorney. He still spends a few hours in his week working on legal papers and other associated chores. Yet it’s more so a side job for him now. Law is still an ideal back-up plan for him as well, should he need to make a U-turn and generate some extra funds.

Apart from that, Smith is a man with an altogether different life path now. That’s because his main source of income comes from his professional poker gameplay. For the last 16 months or so, he’s been quite the force at the table, too.

Spencer already has four World Series of Poker Circuit titles to his name since February of 2022. Within that 16-month timeframe, he has beaten out a combined 7,500 players, and as a result, he has built his poker tournament winnings up to a total of almost $410,000. That’s quite the success story to hammer home – from a law attorney to a professional poker player. Just to put his achievements into context, most poker players aren’t likely to win four circuit tournaments in their whole career, let alone in 16 months.

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The World Series of Poker announced its 2023 dates towards the end of last year. Scheduled to run from May 30 – July 18, the Las Vegas Strip will fill with avid poker players looking to get their hands on a nice portion of the winnings. Smith is also attending the event, clearly intent on adding more victories on the circuit to his achievements.

He has quit the law industry twice, with his last full-time legal job coming in September of 2021. The first time he left it to run a non-profit organization, but the last time was to follow his poker aspirations. With the success he’s already had, we’d say he’s on the right path, for sure!

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