There’s never a dull moment in the world of gambling. There will always be something to amuse fans of poker, casino gaming, sports betting, and so on. That’s why we bring these Freaky Fortnight articles to you – so that you can experience the amusement for yourself.

You can browse through previous stories in this series by visiting the Freaky Fortnight section of ProfessionalRakeback. Yet if you want the latest from the entertaining world of gambling, read on as we present to you weird and amusing gaming-related tales from the first half of July 2023!

This installment of Freaky Fortnight contains unusual gambling news from the first half of July 2023

Cops Get an Eyeful in Vegas!

Police Car

Imagine spending your time in a Vegas casino playing your favorite games. Maybe you’re even indulging in a few rounds of poker with some buddies. The evening is calm. There is a relaxed atmosphere that everyone is feeling. Then, all of a sudden, in walks a naked man who has just assaulted a disabled person elsewhere!

The story sounds like something out of a sitcom, but this happened in Sin City on Sunday, July 9. The man, Brian Danilczyk, 35, of Long Island, maybe had the idea of playing strip poker when engaging in his late-night rampage. Yet the stripping wasn’t the first part of his night. Things began in a much more heated way.

At around 11:20 p.m., Danilczyk was understood to have been present in the Bird Bar at the Flamingo Hotel on The Strip. Cops were called to the venue on reports of a fight breaking out, which Brian was allegedly a part of. Sources suggest that he punched a one-legged man and then fled the scene of the crime before the authorities arrived.

According to the police report, CCTV footage displayed the man removing his clothes at the LINQ hotel. He then opted to run completely naked through to the Harrah’s Hotel & Casino, with video footage clearly showing his escapade. Danilczyk can be seen climbing atop one of the venue’s poker tables and flaunting himself while gyrating and exposing it all for guests to witness. It all sounds very similar to the man who dropped his pants at the WSOP Main Event in 2019 – but on a much more extreme level.

Security personnel soon hit the casino floor, at which point Danilczyk lays down on the table and spreads his legs. Both patrons and employees of the casino watch on – some clearly amused by the incident and others very visibly horrified. He then stands and grabs a hold of some of the poker cards before security officers grab a hold of him and drag him down. A tussle ensues before the three security guards wrestle him to the ground. He is then led away.

Originally from Long Island, Brian Danilczyk exposed himself indecently at Harrah's Las VegasBrian Danilczyk, Nude Terror of Las Vegas

The cops charged Danilczyk with disorderly conduct, battery and five counts of indecent exposure. The offender has no memory of his Sunday night escapades in Vegas though. The authorities did explain that his mental state was “altered,” but he remained cooperative following the arrest. Brian’s wife went on to claim that somebody had spiked his drink with a hallucinogenic substance, which was the explanation for his bizarre behavior.

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Brian Danilczyk is scheduled to return to court on August 17.

Brawl in Las Vegas as Four Women Disturb Poker Players

Woman Card

Clearly something was in the air in Vegas that weekend, because at least four scantily clad women were involved in a wild brawl at the Wynn Las Vegas Hotel & Casino on the evening of July 9. Of course, these days, the first thing to do when something out-of-the-ordinary happens is to grab your camera phone and start filming. Various spectators opted to do so, with video footage displaying the fight midway through.

At that point, two women – one wearing jean shorts and the other in a two-piece dress and her thong exposed – are seen thrashing about on the floor near a set of poker tables.

At the time, a poker tournament was taking place at the luxury hotel and casino. As the two women brawled on the floor, a third was seen coming from the left and a fourth from the back. A man injected himself into the scene, trying to halt the woman from the back from invading and getting her own licks in. Unfortunately, as he turned his attention to the two women battling it out on the floor, the very woman he was trying to stop lunges at the third woman coming from the left.

Rather than get a decent strike in on that woman, she instead attacks the woman in the two-piece dress, who is scrambling to get away. The man manages to subdue the woman in the jean shorts and her friend, backing them up from the other two and into a nearby wall. Yet it seems as though the woman in the two-piece dress – who by now looks as though she is wearing just a small top and a thong – isn’t finished. She approaches once more, holding on to a flip-flop that she tries hitting one of the women with.

She is also subdued by the man who backs her up as the others watch on. Just when you thought it was all over, the scene flips to the next part of the brawl, which sees the woman in the thong tussling with the female who initially came from the back. Except now, the latter of the two is seated on a motorized scooter. The lady in jean shorts has a hold of the aggressor’s hair, trying to drag her off the motorized scooter lady who falls from her “vehicle.”

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At this point, a security man drags the thong girl to the floor and lays on top of her to cease her assault. It is at this point that he slaps handcuffs on her. The Las Vegas Metro Police Department stated that no arrests were made, although at least one citation was issued.

It just goes to show that even in the most luxurious of places, people can get wild and vicious. Let’s hope that the poker tournament wasn’t disrupted too much by the brawl for all!

Popular Streamer Loses $100,000+ Opening CS:GO Crates

Shipping Crate

Loot crates have long been a questionable addition to video games for many. A lot of people, and even some countries, view them as a form of gambling. Yet this doesn’t stop some gaming fans from getting involved in them. It has even led to certain gamers streaming the opening of these crates.

Popular streamer “ohnePixel” is one such person who made the announcement that he would be opening $130,000-worth of crates in CS: GO. That is something he set about doing on a live stream, amusing a vast number of people in the process. In the stream, “ohnePixel” experiences a big problem. Despite being on the receiving end of a generous donation featuring $100K of CS: GO items, his luck instantly goes south. Spectators could only watch the live stream in dismay and disappointment at what happened.

During a previous stream, another player going by the username of “Server Controller” sent “ohnePixel” unopened goodies worth €118,346 (almost $130,000). Within that offer, highly desirable items like the EMS Katowice 2014 Legends sticker case were included.

Naturally, “ohnePixel” was extremely shocked but delighted when he received the gift. He also noted that “Server Controller” had made a massive $3 million from CS:GO gambling. “ohnePixel” then announced he would open the crates during a live stream

CSGO Streamer “ohnePixel” often opens loot crates onlineGerman Streamer “ohnePixel” Unboxed His Gift Trade Onstream

There was a lot of excitement generated by the stream, which had even been advertised in Times Square. Unfortunately, while the streamer was hoping to open rare and valuable game skins, luck wasn’t on his side. Instead, the items he ended up getting fell short of the expected value – by more than $100,000! By the time the stream was coming to an end, “ohnePixel” only had a small amount of valuables to show for it.

It’s not all doom and gloom though. “ohnePixel” had an average of 85,498 viewers watching his stream and a peak of 232,224, which made it quite the special event for those tuning in. At the same time, he earned a lot of new followers with the stream witnessing a boost of 74,162. So even though he lost a vast amount of money, he was essentially freerolling because he hadn’t paid for the loot boxes to begin with, and the support of the gaming community will likely provide comfort to him.

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Daniel Craig “Sucks” at Poker!


Everybody knows Daniel Craig as the most recent incarnation of English spy James Bond. He has portrayed the character in five installments of the franchise, including “Casino Royale,” “Quantum of Solace,” and “Skyfall.” While the movies often display Bond in the throes of action, they also frequently see him entering bars, hotels, casinos, and so on. When relaxing, he usually orders a martini (shaken, not stirred), and it is not uncommon for the character to spend time at the gambling tables.

In Casino Royale, Craig played opposite Mads Mikkelsen, who portrayed Le Chiffre, a banker who services many of the world’s criminals and terrorists. He is a mathematical genius and expert chess player, and he utilizes his skills from that game to play poker in the movie. One of the biggest parts of the storyline is that Bond is sent to defeat Le Chiffre in a high-stakes game of poker at the titular Casino Royale.

The movie was released in 2006 to rave reviews, but it is only recently that it has been revealed Daniel Craig “sucked” at playing poker. That’s according to Mikkelsen himself, who said the following while being interviewed by “GQ” regarding his most iconic roles:

I played a lot of poker since I was a kid, so the game was not new to me. The hands we are playing are insane, you know, so if you’re a poker player, you’ll go “What?” We just wanted to make the nature of the betting believable, but the hands obviously had to be easily recognizable for an audience that doesn’t play poker, so they were quite crazy hands. But, yeah, everybody knew how to play poker actually around that table, except for one: Daniel. He had no clue. He sucked. And it was the worst thing ever that he, of all people, had to beat me and win all my money. It was like, “This is wrong.”

It’s quite fortunate that Daniel Craig doesn’t have to play poker in real life if he is so bad at it. There’s no wonder he wasn’t invited to compete in the PokerStars Charity Event organized by Ben Affleck during the COVID-19 outbreak. There is little doubt that he would have crashed and burned!

Daniel Craig earned many accolades for his portrayal of secret agent James BondPerhaps Mr. Craig Should Stick to Baccarat

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